Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Lately the morning light has been lovely on the flowers. Flowery Friday is all queued up ready to go, though I'm still working through New Zealand flowers.

But here's one from Tuesday morning I'm particularly pleased with.

Or this one, the orange of the tulips in the light just has me drooling.

There are lots of other ors. They will all show up sooner or later.

So, I hear some readers asking, what have I been working lately on that isn't flowers, or the cats, or Michelle, or the community association, or the recent macro flowers, or dead wood? Far be it for me to disappoint my small but loyal band of readers. These are from a fun night with buddies playing with light.

I'm sipping my coffee finishing this up. Outside it's almost the end of May, and what do I see? White roofs. It's a hard, hard frost last night. We tucked all the new flowers into the garage overnight, and double covered the dahlias. I hope they make it.

Starting to think about image of the month. This is going to be tough. Several of the Michelle photos were right at the top of my list, vying for number 1. Then the tulips started working it hard, putting on a great show, taking advantage of the light and rain. Decisions, decisions.

And there's still several more days in the month, who knows what can happen?

Of the Day

Curtis and Celina
I'm not sure what had them fascinated. You never know with cats. Sometimes it's a bird and that's obvious. The Martians, less so.




  1. You are certainly becoming a master of soft light and flowers. In general, I prefer your flower images with the whole flower as opposed to those flowers with their petals truncated. The cut-off petal in 8 adds an element of tension that does not compliment the softness of the flower. I do like the balanced asymmetry of the framing, as it adds movement to the image.Cheers, Sean

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