Monday, March 16, 2020

News, Whatipu, and Cornwallis

The news first of all. We are still planning to come home on the 21st, and that looks like a thing. The airline says don't call us until your flight is within 48 hours, or you need immediate repatriation to your home country. We don't need that. We are in Auckland, trying to be aware of social distance, and spending time on the beach. Several beaches.

If things get shut down and we are stranded, this Airbnb has space for us for several days, and then they're expecting the next guests (who are Canadians from North Vancouver) to cancel, and we can stay here. Our kitties will continue to be taken care of. I don't mean to sound flippant, and I know many people are in a tough spot right now,  but for us, things are good. If we're going to be stranded, there are far worse places.

We had a quiet day yesterday. Today we were back on the beach, Whatipu then Cornwallis. Whatipu is a lovely walking beach. It goes on forever, is really wide, like a Km wide for quite a while. The only downside is there isn't much driftwood, though there were a few interesting pieces.

Cornwallis isn't quite as nice for walking but still ok. There were really cool roots.

1. Linda scoping out Whatipu.

2. Driftwood of the Day. A dragon emerging.

 3. The lighthouse.

4. A big view of a big beach.

5. The obligatory artsy photo.

6. The promised roots.

7. A stone head.


  1. So glad you have contingency plans. If you do have to stay, I am happy to continue in my armchair tourist role! If you do fly, safe travels. Love the big view pic today. Wow!

  2. 4,5, and 6 are all noteworthy. The focus and composition are off just enough in 7 to make it a "nearly", and is therefore not as strong as the previous 3. I love the placement in the frame of the branch in 4. It is large enough to look purposeful and adds a hint of tension to a meditative scene. The title of 5, which I quite like, could be "A Brush of Sand". 6 reminds of a sculpture in steel I saw a year or two ago. Cheers, Sean


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