Monday, March 2, 2020

Bluff, then Stewart

Think south, way south. As south as you can get and stay warm.  We saw the house that is the furthest south home in New Zealand. There is a lot more of Stewart island to the south of Oban, but you have to walk to get there. We didn't. We just strolled around town.

1. The famous signpost near Bluff, at what is said to be the south point of the south island.

2. As you can tell, I didn't take this shot. Don't embiggen. Just don't. But it's likely to be the only shot of me.

3. Our steed to get to Stewart Island.

4. That signpost, and the restaurant we had lunch in the other day? Here's the sea view. Hint, don't embiggen this one either. Shot on a bouncy boat through a window.

5. No idea who this guy is, but I loved that beard.

6. A predatory gum tree. The islanders consider it invasive and want to cut it down, once they get some native species to take over soil stabalization duties.


8. The bees are HUGE!

9. One of the beaches we visited. Pity about the lack of driftwood.

10. Linda on that beach.

11. The obligatory artsy shot.

12. Linda waiting for the ferry.

13. The view from the ferry.

Driftwood of the Day


  1. I love the sky and shadows in the 7th photo! Always interesting to see 'the other side' of your photos (the restaurant you had lunch in yesterday...somehow, I didn't picture it looking like that) and you on the other side of the camera. Looks like another great day - thanks for bringing me along. Oh, and embiggened the pic ;)

  2. I was in Oban, Scotland last year! It’s funny how Place names get carried around the world. Did I miss a day, what is embiggen?

    1. Hi, I don't know if you missed a day or not. Yesterday was image of the month, but I don't think I facebooked it. Oban, New Zealand was in fact settled by Scots, and there is a strong Scot's presence there now. I think I saw a Scotland flag. Embiggen is a perfectly cromulent word meaning, to make larger.

  3. More great photos, and another fabulous looking beach. Are they really as idyllic as they look? Tell me there are sand fleas at least! I especially like the look on Linda's face in #12. I'm guessing she'd had it with you pointing the camera at her? Lovely view from the ferry.

  4. Oh I do miss the sea. Cheers, Sean


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