Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Dawson is beautiful

Yesterday was a recovery day after 2 days on the Dempster Highway. Now, some of you may have a mistaken impression because of the word highway. What we have is a 2 lane gravel road. A very rough gravel road in places. It's 371 Km from the start of the Dempster (that blue bridge in yesterday's blog) to Eagle Plains, which is half way to Inuvik. The arctic circle is about 38 Km north of Eagle plains.

You may be thinking 4 hour drive. NOT! It's closer to 7.5 hours. A tough drive, dodging lots of big trucks that have a place to be. Plus we were stopping for photos. And lunch. And pee breaks. Something about all the bouncing around stimulating your kidneys. The scenery is out of the world, but that road gets old soon. Our driver says that the tour vans last 4 or 5 seasons and are done.

We spent yesterday sleeping in a bit, then going on a city tour, then a gold fields tour. Dredge 4 is fascinating, and the clouds of black flies take advantage. Near there are some ponds for reflections.

I panned for gold at claim 33 and now I can say I'm a gold miner. This might get me a cup of coffee. Watch for a good macro shot of these later this fall.

Across the ferry and up to the overlook. You might see this photo again, since the camera was showing me lots of colour in that plume of smoke.

This is some of what you see from the overlook.

Today is a stroll around Dawson day. Easy, relaxed. Fly home tomorrow.

Peony of the Day
(July 25)

Driftwood of the Day

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