Saturday, May 18, 2019

What I saw on the hill

Back 3 months ago, almost exactly, we visited Shine Falls. I told the story on Facebook, but not here, for this photo.

OK, so a true story. There we were, driving to Shine Falls. (Beautiful, photos will make it into blog sometime. I'm pretty sure...) (They did, see the link above.) There's a winding gravel road well on the way to the middle of nowhere. I come around a corner, and see the tripod up on the peak. The first words out of my mouth were, "Some rat bastard photographer has taken the spot I want!" It took a while to find a place safe to pull over and take a photo. (That's a big problem here.) There was actually two tripods, but one is out of view. As far as I know there is no way to drive up there, but a fence runs most of the way. I suspect it's an automated weather station, but it would be a great place for a photo.

Some people like wandering beaches because you never know what you'll find. This, for example.

Or dead creatures of various kinds, I'll spare you the photos. After I took them, other than the one blogged sometime between now and then, I realized there wasn't much artistic merit to them. I saw one couple with a metal detector and a shovel working their way down the beach. I was thinking of asking if they ever found anything, but they did not look friendly.

It's been two weeks since my last day on the job. Two busy weeks. This weekend we're keeping a bit of a lower profile for two reasons. One is the all the rain. It's been a gentle steady rain and Linda is thrilled. It's perfect for soaking into the lawn and flower beds, and that's exactly what we need. Plus it fills up the water barrels. I'm just glad I mowed the lawn before the rain started. Two is the construction. There are 3 ways out of our neighbourhood. The main one for us is Anderson and 24th. The've closed off 24th, so you have to turn right. I can just imagine the traffic backing up. The other exit onto Anderson is under construction as well. The third exit is mostly ok, though they're building a bridge on top of it and a superhighway under the bridge.

Plus it's nice just to hang out and relax. I got a photography book out of the library to re-read and think about more. Plus some movies. Phantom of the Paradise, which was just as over the top and as much fun as I remember. V, they didn't lie about how bad it was. Loch Ness, which is not about the monster, just a bad murder mystery that had Linda laughing and swearing and talking back to the movie. And a Dr Who Christmas special with River Song, which is essentially the first Dr Who I've ever seen. (Yes, I know.)

Driftwood of the Day
Another face in the driftwood. I saw a polar bear, Linda saw a seal. You?


  1. Seal. So the middle photo is interesting in its apparent banality. The more I look at it, the more I think there is an idea in there. Do you have more like it, which could become a series? Cheers, Sean


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