Sunday, April 7, 2019

A pre-spring walk in Fish Creek

I was out looking for a photo for the cover of our neighbourhood newsletter, and didn't find much that was all that suitable. There were a few possibles, but I won't be surprised if they go with one from last year. I think we are in that short period where everybody wants winter to be gone, but don't quite believe it has gone for good, and spring isn't quite started either.

Fish Creek is always a favourite of mine, and today was no exception. I sort of thought that Bow Vally ranch had a nice garden, and that it might be starting already, but not so. I wandered around just south of there, and then along the banks of the Bow just south of where Fish Creek joins it. Some of you might roll your eyes, but there was some very photogenic distressed wood along the way. It was nice to see lots of people out on their bikes or walking.

We let the cats out on the harness last weekend, and since they haven't appeared in the blog for a while, and I know you all are pining, here they are.


Celina looking squinty-eyed and cranky

Curtis patrolling the perimeter.

Driftwood of the day

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  1. I really like the lines and form of the sand in the last one. Cheers, Sean


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