Monday, February 11, 2019

The 800 year old Rimmi tree adventure

We had a nice morning photographing rocks. And by nice I mean neither me or my camera equipment got wet with salt water. Yay me! Stay tuned for those. I found my sunglasses again, which was very lucky.

Then that afternoon we visited the bush. There are paths. There is up (mostly up). There are some stairs, built by and for Ents. The maps are just a bit ambiguous, as were the instructions to get there. I'm sure there's a closer car park. Sort of reminded me of going to Butchart Gardens, Siri kept leading us in a circle near them, till we saw a sign.

Anyway, Linda wanted to find this 800 Rimmi tree. Did I mention the paths all lead up? Anyways, we got there, hot and sweaty. See below for the evidence.

Is it really 800 years old? I don't know. They could have just picked some tree that was inconvenient and said it looks old AF, lets say it's 800, and make signs, and put sort of a path to it.

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