Sunday, February 10, 2019

Our view, and a cable car driveway

This is what I saw looking out the window last night. A different one tonight. I could look up which ship it is, but it doesn't really matter. They're all the same.

During our drive today we stopped to look at the shoreline, and when we turned around we saw a mini castle. But also, look at the background, that house on the hill.

There is no other access to it, but the cable car. Imagine trying to move your furniture in. Maybe they own a helicopter company. Or have a buddy with a ginormous cherry picker truck. No idea how they clean the windows.

This one is a little further along the way.

We liked the spirit of whimsy in some of the older places. The newer ones are put in by people with more money and less style. Got some interesting shots of the shoreline. Stay tuned, but tomorrow is another travel day. I'm going to really regret leaving this place. Nicest one so far, even if the drive up and down the hill scares the crap out of me, and the walk up and down has beat up my knees.

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  1. Whimsy/whimsical appears to be a word befitting much of Kiwi land - I like it. Cheers, Sean


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