Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Beach, waterfall, Linda doing you know what

Another beach day. We needed it. That big weekend took more out of us than we realized. Along the way we detoured off the road, and took a short walk to find these waterfalls. Not huge, but pretty, and with a nice pool underneath. There is a rope to swing off the cliff, if you don't mind scrambling up.

We found the easy way to the top.

Now the beach.

It's down at the other end Linda! Or at least we think so. This end turns to rocks. A couple people on bicycles left just as we got to the beach, and their bikes were propped up on some rocks where we turned around. I was thinking of seeing if there was a composition there, but I didn't want them thinking we were going to steal the bikes.

I love reflection shots, especially in unexpected places.

That's the road to get into the beach. It's steeper than it looks, and goes on longer.

Linda was wanting to walk, and I was ready to collapse in a heap. I found some shade and snoozed. When I woke up I noticed this little tree.

We parked in the shade, but that was long gone when we got back. What's funny is the car parked next to ours is identical.

From there it was back to the swanky flat, and 2 glasses of wine with BBQ supper. I'm listening to live music from one of the restaurants down the street. It's quiet, and the sun is slowly setting. So am I.

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