Saturday, February 16, 2019

Amused in Art Deco exhaustion

Coming home last night I saw these and giggled to myself. It had been a very long day, and they tickled my fancy. The murals are on the wall of the National Aquarium, which we will visit on a rainy day, if such exist here. It's been smoking hot and sunny here. We are going through the sunscreen at a terrific rate. So far no major burns. Yay me!

Yes, we think every day of our friends suffering under the polar vortex. Not for long though. Sorry. Not.

I totally see a sea monster coming onto shore after it's prey. If I'd had more time and energy, I'd have posed a kid and bike in just the right place. Sigh. Use your imagination.

I'm just short of 10K photos taken. I'd have to do the math, but I think we're well past a million steps taken. At least it feels like it. I need a rest day.

Today was some imaginative soapbox derby cars, with one self induced roll over, and two minor side swipings where only the supreme skill of the drivers allowed them to finish the race. Then out to the airport for photos of some just post WWI biplanes, some WWII era trainers, and a P51D. Then a fashion show competition. Stay tuned. I am back at our lodgings drinking wine, contemplating a backlog of almost 2000 unedited photos.

If you are interested in almost anything to do with Art Deco, you simply must come to Napier during the festival. Everything about it is amazing. We were months too late to buy tix for the hot events, like the tours of home interiors essentially unchanged since then. Plan ahead. Bring lots of sunscreen.

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