Monday, December 17, 2018

The one non reflection shot

I was disappointed in most of the shots from my Fish Creek ramble on Sunday. Some I goofed on, like when I'm bending over or kneeling down, holding the camera just above the water, and trying to get the shot right when the primary thing is to keep me and the camera out of the water. Lots turned out to be the camera not seeing what I was seeing, which might or might not be my fault.

In the end, and this is one of the last shots of the walk, I had wonderful stroll through a beautiful park. This is bridge 3.

I've come back a number of times to the pattern of rocks or snow just on the other side of the bridge, and somehow, I haven't quite been able to capture the photo I think is there. That's beginning to happen to me more often as I see the same places in different light.

This is more than not having the right lens on hand for a shot. It could be as simple as the wrong light. Sometimes the problem is an inability to get the camera to the exact spot it needs to be. Maybe there is something between where the camera has to be and the subject, and you aren't able or allowed to remove that something. Or the background sucks.

Or, I could just be wrong about there being a photo there.

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