Sunday, December 30, 2018

Oops, so busy I almost forgot

Busy with what, you ask?

My year end summing up burble. Or babble.

December Image of the Month. (a fairly painless choice this time, at least, so far.)

2018 Image of the year. (A painful choice, as always. I'm down to a short list of 23.)

Working on all that, I forgot todays. I was going to show you some bucolic Fish Creek photos.

Shot from Bridge 8, playing with zoom. This is 600 mm, hand held. That tree trunk is a long way off.

No idea what kind of bird that is.

Love vegetation that still shows a bit of colour even this late in the year.

Don't forget, AMA! So far, no takers other than the already fulfilled request for the seasonal decorations. Drunk texts on New Year's Eve are fine.

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