Thursday, December 6, 2018

LRT by night

Last night, before the trial star shot experiment, I was downtown with a bunch of photo buddies. We we're led by the intrepid but famous Neil Zeller. We started at Eau Claire, walked to the Peace Bridge, then to the LRT line, then the Telus Sky corner, and a scenic route back to Eau Claire, taking many photos along the way.

There's a couple I'm really, really pleased with, with one firmly in the running for Image of the Month, and some fun ones. Stay tuned.

The LRT at night is not something I've been on much. I worked at one place where the owner wouldn't let female employees take the train home after 6pm. They could expense a taxi. The nearest LRT station was the infamous crackmac corner (since demolished and good riddance), so it was understandable. One evening me and a coworker were leaving a work party about 7, and took the train. We figured together shouldn't be a problem. Even with me sitting right there, chatting with her, she was hit on several times from downtown to Fish Creek station.

Still, it can make for nice photos. These are the best of the bunch, though it's a pity there were no reflections safely available. The first is dressed up a little in Photomatix, and the second more natural.

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  1. I like what happens to streetlights with that lens. A well, I like what is happening in the bottom left two thirds of the top photo (Photomatix). Cheers, Sean


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