Saturday, December 8, 2018

Night fun

A couple of the fun shots from Wednesday night. This first shot was my first reflection of the night, more playing with settings and figuring out where to put the camera in relation to the puddle, than trying to get a good shot. Who'd have thought a bike rack could be so interesting?

That darn half press of the shutter button! Half press lets you see where the focus is going, and I can see the lines that tell me of the camera is level. Slightly more than a half press and the shutter fires. The sensor is looking at the world for 20 seconds, so I figured I'd do something interesting with it.

In other news the swim today was awesome, fastest 500 m in a very long time! 8:45. Then other stuff in a cold pool. I think there's a swim meet Sunday, and they like to make the pool cold so the kids will shiver. In compensation, the hot tub was really hot. The hottest it's ever been. So hot the kids were complaining about it, and zooming back and forth between it and the cold tub. Sounds like a good way to give yourself pneumonia.

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