Friday, October 5, 2018

Yes, now that you mention it

Yes, I slept well after all the shovelling.
Yes, my arms were falling off yesterday.
Yes, I tried to swim yesterday. It didn't go so well.
Yes, the hot tub was out of service.
Yes, there were swear words about that.
Yes, I haven't tried to run since the snow.
Yes, the sidewalks are a mess. Not mine, though.
Yes, I've been on my bike, (Sept 30, easy spin).
Yes, I could do that again, maybe today.
Yes, shovelling is hard on your legs too, so I'll be cautious.
Yes, I'm still amazed how quickly retirement days go.
Yes, it's nice to wake up to snow, knowing you don't have to commute downtown.
Yes, all the dahlias have curled up their petals and called it a summer. Sigh. This one is from Sept 24, after lots of cool rainy weather.
Yes, I was a bit surprised it was doing this well.

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