Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Another retirement, not me this time

The important news of the day is that the hot tub at Repsol is working again. That and the training pool were out of action for maintenance. It has to happen, and this is a good time of the year to do it, but me and my creaky muscles missed the hot tub.

The surprise news of the day was to wander in well past the usual time to see one of my early morning buddies in there. We worked at Talisman at the same time, but not together. Both of us were contractors at SI and met at one of their functions. Then I'd run into him about weekly in the hot tub. Both of us in the same industry, we chatted.

Anyways, his company was bought and he took a package and he is now retired. Summer was essentially vacation. Now they've got some travel booked over the fall, and are planning more over the winter. We chatted a bit about the retired life and exchanged contact info so we could meet up again if we wanted. Us retired folks have to stick together.

So after the hot tub I was in for a swim, 500 m in 9:20, feeling pretty good. Unlike last week where the same distance was 10 minutes and badly out of breath. I added in some water yoga and water running and all was good.

Next was new shoes! Check them out. My buddy Richelle at Try-It was happy to sell me a pair and I can't wait to try them out.

Back to the retired thing. My buddy isn't sure he's going to stay in Calgary. There's a few places he doesn't want to go, he knows that and I agree with him. But there's a few others he's not so sure about.   Our plan has been to stay here till we're forced out, mainly because we can't face moving all our stuff.

But here's a view of Calgary that someone driving here might see, if they were taking a scenic route. Both of these are a moderate zoom of the behemoth lens. I get a kick out of how many places one can see the skyline from, and from how far away. This is light haze, by recent standards.

Another behemoth shot. Full on 600 mm, no cropping. It's a boring shot though, because our eyes can see it just about this well, and there's nothing around it to indicate scale or add interest. More learning.

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