Sunday, August 5, 2018

Further behind than ever

It's been a lovely long long weekend, and now it's almost 3/4 over. It's gone quick, but oh so enjoyable.

I've crossed a few things off my to do list, which is good. The trickiest thing remaining is to pack up my camera bag and weigh it with all my current lenses. Then do it again with the 150-600 mm lens, in case I buy it. Though I know it weighs just under 2 kilos so I suppose I could just do the math. When I bought the bag I was advise to get a bigger one than I had been looking at. That was good, but now I'm not sure if I can get all the gear in it at once. I'll have to play tomorrow.

The other tricky thing is the photo backlog. Since July 1 I've taken 1826 photos (about 50 a day), though of course many get deleted right off. 306 (about 16%) got one star, meaning I consider it for editing. Then 168 (about 9%) got edited. They all go into a folder and I've set up a filter to ignore the ones I tag as blogged, and ignore the ones older than a month. So when I'm looking for photos I haven't shown you guys, they are all in one place. Right this instant, that place has 64 photos.

I don't always show all the edited photos. Sometimes I'm a bit generous about selecting photos to edit, and then later on I wonder what I was thinking. Those probably won't get blogged, unless I have a reason, or it fits with the blog somehow.

So here I am, half snapped on a lovely white wine we had with a salad and steak, wondering what photos to show you. I'm feeling introspective. I just edited some photos with the new lens, but that's a different blog. I could pick out flowers with rain drops on them. Red ones. Black ones. Pink ones. Flowers with ants on them (hairy butts too!). Back lit. Front lit. Side lit. Beautifully pristine full ripe blossoms. Hail damaged. Old tired dying blossoms. Buds. Macros. Close ups. Ordinary views. One has a spider web on it, glistening gently. Sunrise. Silhouette. Where to begin? Mix and match? By colour? Wet vs dry? Colour contrast or match? Decisions, decisions.

So you get Hens and Chicks. I think they're such cool looking flowers, with their hairy scales, and the tall tower they build to reproduce.

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