Friday, July 6, 2018

Still waiting

Some things are slow this year. Spring and summer, for a start, and everything that relies on them. Our flowers are blooming a month later than last year. I'm beginning to worry about the Dahlias just beginning to bloom as the frost comes. That would be so disappointing for the bees. They love the Dahlias like nothing else.

This lily has been working on blooming for months. It looks dark and gnarled, almost burned, but Linda says that's the way it should be, and all is well. the other lilies are budding, but I think we're a ways from seeing blooms. At least there's been no lily beetles for a while.

The pink peony in the back. It puts on a big show as well, and is even more ruffled than the white one.

One rose bush, blooming like crazy.

One rose bloom, backlit by the sun.

OK, this was an accident. There were some pelicans (some of you are smiling because you'd know why I was interested in photographing pelicans), and I got this. A bit of dressing up and I've got another abstract I kind of like. There's a certain mood to it.

The pink peony again in different light. I sent this one to my mom. I hadn't known that she was getting some of my photos from the blog and there's an app that creates puzzles, and you time yourself. I sent her this as a nice quality photo, better than what you see on the blog, and that was a half hour she'll never get back.

It is smoking hot in Calgary today. The thermometer in the back said 38 C. At least it's a dry heat. I mowed the lawn first thing, trying to beat the heat, and I was a bucket of at the end. I'm glad I'm not trying to run in that. The rest of the week isn't much cooler. Linda is watering morning and evening trying to keep the plants from shrivelling up and dying. Stampede grounds will be an oven.

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  1. I have been away from blogs and instagram, and will be returning slowly. In other words, I have some catching up to do. This comment covers July so far. 50k besides being a good distance for an ultra is also an interesting benchmark. It represents a commitment to your craft and art. Congratulations.

    I appear to be enjoying the flower photos with droplets more than those without. The water adds an extra dimension. Speaking of water, the second last photo reminds me of Monet and that is a fine thing. I'm not convinced off the background in photo number 1. The graphic quality of the image though is quite appealing. Cheers, Sean


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