Tuesday, July 24, 2018

A reminder of rosy times

Here we go. This is one of the roses from out front, nicely lit up.

This is from the side bed. For a while it had a huge number of blossoms, and was a bit of a neighbourhood attraction. I saw several groups of people walking past detour from the main street to admire it. One couple even unreeled a selfie stick to have it in the background.

Even before the hailstorm (see here for the sadness if you missed it) the roses were taking a break. Linda had thought there might be a second round of blossoms in a while, but we aren't so sure now.

There's lots of other flowers coming along, and they'll get their turn here. Stay tuned!

In work news I'm now half way through my contract. My manager is probably having heart palpitations just reading that, so I'll probably have to buy the coffee next time. It's gone quick, and I'm pretty sure the rest is going to go even quicker. Some of the ground work is beginning to pay off.

In workout news, my legs are feeling less cranky, so I'm actually thinking about cautiously starting a walk run program, and see if I can get up to 5 K without injuring myself again.

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