Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Some days you just get into it, whatever it is. You get up and you get into. Sometimes even before coffee, heretical as that might sound.

Then there's times when it doesn't seem quite right to get started. One might really need a coffee. Or you're waiting for something. This can be all well and good, if the thing waited for is well defined, and the delivery time is clear.

Typically, however, the time frame is not clear, as in service will be attempted between noon and 5pm. Occasionally the opposite is true. I once had a colleague faithfully promise to deliver a requested query precisely and approximately at 2pm. The timing didn't fuss me, but I had grave doubts about their understanding of what was desired, well founded doubts as it turned out.

Then you have the situation where you are waiting for something, but have no idea when or even if it will arrive. Worse, you don't know what it looks like or where it is, so you can't go looking. It might or might not be something you recognize when you see it.

For writers, inspiration often falls into this group. I've had some success lately in making progress on my writing, but there's a chunk that's needed, and the words are on the tip of my fingers, but alas they aren't making the jump to the keyboard. Plus, one of the tasks I need to do for my own sanity is map each specific chapter on the timeline, as opposed to the main events within them. What I'd like to do in Scrivener is have one document with each chapter in date order, then later split them out into the two novels happening with a substantial time overlap. I know Scrivener will let me put them all in one document with whatever titles I want, in whatever order I want. I'm just not sure if there's a way I can tag them so I can pull out only half the chapters. For some reason I've been putting this off. Maybe because I've been holding chunks of the novels in my head, and putting them in this format is making them more real, and closer to a state where I have to decide about publishing.

The blog has been suffering from this a bit, and on another front. Put bluntly, I'm sick of winter. Spring is supposed to arrive sometime this month, but is generally considered to be overdue. The pessimists of us point out that it has snowed in Calgary during every calendar month. I'm sick of photos with white in them.

I'm finding it hard to find the mojo to get out with my camera. Well, with two exceptions, the amaryllis and the music concert. The last amaryllis bloom is fading, and I should be able to put up a big amaryllis extravaganza soon. The concert photos have been delivered, and nice things said. All I need is a bit more spring, and I'll be out there in the mud, camera in hand.

In the mean time, here's a couple from the concert that I like. Yes, Bebo Grove plays a suitcase along with more traditional instruments. Their drummer isn't with them now, and they had to come up with a solution. I love that creativity. Clearly they didn't wait around for a drummer.

As you know, I'm not a big portrait or person shooter, but I turned around and saw the light falling on this guy, and I couldn't get the camera to my face quick enough.

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