Sunday, April 29, 2018

Tree, meet moon

It's just on full moon again. I only noticed as I was walking home from the photo gig the other night, and noticed a neat juxtaposition between a tree and the moon.

Then the next night I was out again hunting a nice sunset (no such luck) and saw another one. I kind of like the idea of a tree holding up the moon, or reaching for it.

I didn't think it was terribly murky here yesterday, but sometimes you notice it most at sunrise and sunset.

You can see why I thought the sky might light up, but this is as good as it got. There will be other sunsets.

Yesterday was summer. I was out for a lovely hot sweaty run in about 23 C sunniness. That was 6 K in 43:40. I'd been sort of hoping for 7 K, and might have been able to grind it out, but I think it was better to stop before I had to stop. Today it's cold and raining, but the pool was the same temperature as always. I'm not sure if the run took more out of me than I thought, but I felt a bit short of breath in the pool compared to recent swims. I took it easy and did some drill stuff.

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  1. Unfortunately for both us I have been reading art criticism lately. Some of the phrasing appears to be written to impress other members of the club. If you strip away the apparent pretensions, there are ideas of interest. As well, I think the reading makes me, I hope, a better viewer. This long winded introduction takes me to photo number 3. Like empty chairs that are both a promise and a memory, the playing fields, guarded by the moon, are both a promise and a memory. Cheers, Sean


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