Thursday, April 19, 2018

The back patio is emerging

I dare not say it's stopped snowing for the season, but we've had a couple nice days and the snow is going away. We are hopeful of firing up the barbecue this weekend. To that end I was shovelling around it and the steps to the back of the house. Naturally the camera came along.

I'd known this colour was here, but until today, or late yesterday, it was completely inaccessible without snowshoes.

I'm kind of fond of last years vegetation still standing after a brutal winter.

No idea what these are.

 There's still lots of snow to leave before patio season goes into high gear. Still, the thermometer says it's 10C in the patio, and I believe that. It will probably even get warmer. Just to the left of this photo is the little lodge, and if someone wanted to come over and set up a lounger to work on their tan, I could supply the sunscreen.

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