Monday, April 2, 2018

So I'm eager, but garden dirt!

The snow mounds are shrinking not rapidly enough for the people I've been chatting to lately. After taking more Amaryllis photos I was looking out into the front patio, and realized I could actually walk around a bit without needing snowshoes. Even better, the snow has receded enough to expose actual garden dirt and the plants left over from last year.

Of course I had to take photos. There's still a bit of snow in the photos because that can't yet be avoided. Soon, though. Soon.

If you look closely, there's a tiny bit of green in there, left over from last year.

Dirt! It's a measure of how excited I am, that I'm taking a photo of actual dirt and cedar mulch. We're going to drink wine with supper tonight to celebrate.

I think this is a day lily. Parts of the front flower box are emerging from the glacier. The side yard still has several feet of snow mounded up, and let's not talk about the back patio garden.

This is the rose that had that one hip I photographed here. It's still there, just out of view at the top of the photo. That's how much the snow has melted.

In Amaryllis news, since I know you are all panting with eagerness to see that photo essay, the blooms are starting to fade. Be patient. I've been enjoying the delicate red more than usual.


  1. No. 3 - The first unveiling of spring revealing the rot of the previous year - I like it. Cheers, Sean

  2. We had dirt for awhile - as well as a few bulbs blooming. Alas, there was another snow storm yesterday and temps remain cool today so it appears spring is still some way off. sigh.


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