Friday, March 9, 2018

The great drain begins

Calgary, how we love your weather. It snowed all February. Feet of it. Then it sort of went sideways for a while. Today was plus 10 C. I'll need to buy more windshield wiper fluid soon. The car is somewhat blue, but mostly an ugly whiteish brown. Bleah.

I had to chip through a foot or so of ice to get this water flowing. It's that or end up with really icy sidewalks.

Still puddles are nice for reflections.

This list of ingredients is entering my life soon. If you know why, then don't call me between Tuesday noon, and Wednesday noon. I'll take your sympathies as read. If you don't know why, treasure your ignorance. And don't call me when I said, or I'll explain it to you in detail, complete with sound effects.

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  1. I shiver in recognition. Take Care and Cheers, Sean


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