Monday, March 12, 2018

Macro Monday 23, the slow wine revisited

Last week I had a unique experience while opening my upteenhundreth bottle of wine. I told you all about it here. As promised I set up the bottle on my macro camera rig for you. A word about scale. That wine bottle neck is 20 mm in diameter. On my screen the blog version of the last photo shows the neck as 180 mm in diameter, and in light room it's even bigger.

Now you get to see just a part of the wine diamond bridge. By comparing the two photos you can see how tiny that bridge really was. An illustration of how something so small and natural and inadvertent, can slow down such an important process as pouring wine.

This is only about 3x mag, due to limitations of how close I could get the lens to the bridge.

I've already got next week's macro shots done. As a teaser, it's quite a large (by macro scales), extremely important object, so it turns into an abstract when the macro lens looks at it. But the colours and texture!

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