Friday, March 23, 2018

A rosy survivor

Look what emerged from the snow! The rose out front has been buried for what seems like months. The sunny days lately have been melting the mounds quickly. Even after all that, a rose hip is still hanging in there. I'm sure some wildlife will come along soon to nibble it. I found this when I was out shovelling the sidewalk this morning.

Yes, it snowed last night. If living here was easy then everyone would do it and it wouldn't be fun anymore. At least the air isn't hurting my face anymore.

The dread Alberta rose beside the garage has hips as well, but it doesn't get covered the same way. It gets covered in ice sometimes. You may think I've got the camera all tilted, but no. I think the icicles formed, and the branches gradually drooped. The road in the background is level.

There are some other roses emerging from the snow, though they weren't buried. There's a few hips on this one, but they're harder to see.

Are you feeling buried? Hang in there. The snow will go away eventually. Just keep doing your thing, hard as it might be some days. You aren't alone, like the roses. They can't ask for help. You can. Reach out to someone in your family, a friend, or even a professional therapist. Even just that sometimes helps.

If you're the person being reached out to, respond. Take a few minutes and listen to that person. It can make all the difference in the world to them. No, you aren't too busy. You can skip one You Tube video of cute cats.

I posted fairly late last night, and you might have missed two photos of Curtis and a bit of a rant.

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