Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Some of you are probably scratching your heads, wondering what that photo is. It didn't quite work out like I intended, but the blog version I see as I type is better than the Lightroom version I edited. Not sure how that works. In any case, it's not my most successful image, and that's fine. I may revisit it and have another go.

I've been looking at the world around me, trying to open my mind and get past the recognition part of my brain saying 'that isn't anything dangerous, look somewhere else for something dangerous that might pounce and eat me.'

This is an example of that. As soon as I I saw it glinting in the light, I knew what it was. Being a guy, my first thought was NOT that the house needed vacuuming. My first thought was to move on and think about the next photo trip, or something else. But then I dragged myself back for another look, and tried to think about it as sunlight refracting off a semi transparent substance. Would it be a good image? Could I tweak it Lightroom to make it an interesting image?

At the time I was thinking of a sort of reverse image of solar flare prominences with the sun part being blacked out. No surprise it didn't come out that way, but in the bigger version I see lots of tiny rainbows, which was a bit of a surprise. That's why I'm willing to try these shots, just to see what will happen.

 Anyone that's been to our house knows whats happening in this next photo. There's lots of people going to be taking poppy shots over the next little while. I'd like to think this one is unique, showing a reflection of poppies (with all that implies) buried amidst the knickknacks on something we look at many times a day, and not just on Remembrance Day, but all year.

And last, just because. Curtis! Some days I think he's the real star of this blog.

In followup, don't forget the contest running here. So far I have zero, count'em, zero entries. So your odds are pretty good.

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