Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunset fail. But. And last clue.

Some days you just have itchy photography fingers. It was getting towards late afternoon, and I wanted to be out for the sunset. The sky was iffy but possible, and you never know till it happens or not. I was thinking it was more likely to get a nice landscape with the slanted light.

So many places to go! In the end I remembered South Glenmore park looking west, not far from the big power line tower. I've run and biked past there many times and thought the light might be right. I walked a trail I've never been on, and while I could see downtown through the trees, the photos didn't work.

There are several spots along the fence with a nice view west, but it wasn't as nice as I had remembered. The ring road construction doesn't help. While I was waiting to see if the sky would light up, I found these three shots. You could be forgiven for thinking it was still summer.

And then this happened! I'm not sure where they appeared from but there were 5 altogether. I didn't have enough lens to do these guys justice. They knew I was there, and showed no signs of coming any closer. In the end the sun fizzled out and I went home to a lovely lamb shank dinner.

Later that night (Saturday) I went out for some night shots. Stay tuned.

Tomorrow is macro Monday, and the results of the contest. You still have time to enter. Several of the blogs between now and last Monday have clues in them. Here's the last clue. After his food bowl, this is Curtis's favourite thing, and is why he has human servants with all their attendant frustrations in opposable thumb operation.

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