Thursday, November 30, 2017

Still more Fish Creek, with wildlife

Here's some more of the Fish Creek photos from Tuesday. I'm not much a bird watcher, and I certainly didn't have a big lens on the camera, but this little guy was almost within arms reach. At that point it doesn't matter what lens you have. The trick is catching them when they are still. I think he was scoping out Heather to see if she had any treats.

As always, more reflections. I love being able to see the rocks at the bottom of the river, in the shadows, giving a surprisingly tree-like texture. This is just upstream of bridge 3.

I think this is near bridge 4.

It took several tries to get the texture of the ice, while still seeing the water and the rocks at the bottom.

The little dams are so much fun! I still hope to get together with some photo buddies to build a little dam in just the right place for bridge reflection shots. In the summer, of course. You might recall my summer walks through the creek, enjoying the warm water.

There were 5 of these. Heather had the big lens and was steadily clicking as we slowly walked closer. Eventually we got close enough I could get a reasonable shot. They weren't afraid of us, but were cautious. We had taken off the traction aides, but ran into a big patch of ice and about here is where Heather sat down abruptly.

There's a few places I need to go back to. There was a fallen tree with a fascinating shape that we spent some time on, yet somehow the shots were not quite right. Part of the deal in learning to use a new camera and lens.

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  1. What new camera? Did you blog about it and I missed it?


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