Saturday, November 11, 2017

Plants and snow and gear

I don't know what sort of plant this is, but I was amused by the thought of it reaching for the sun, trying to escape the snow.

This one, of course, is the dread Alberta Rose, looking out at the snow and sneering. It will take more than a little bit of snow to slow down it's plans for lawn and garden domination. The return of the glaciers might do it.

The errand today was to get a new tripod head. I was thinking of getting  a new tripod as well since mine has a leg with a broken plastic thingie inside, so the second segment pulls right out of the first. No doubt if I could find the parts it would be easy to fix. Maybe one of my buddies will have an old one with those sorts of parts they'd be willing to let go. (hint, hint). My plan is to set up the old one permanently with the macro stuff mounted on it.

Turns out The Camera Store had a smoking hot deal on the tripod I had my eye on, knowing that several of my photo buddies use it and like it. So I got it too, always nice to save $50. It only took two in and out clicks to fall in love with the camera to tripod head attachment system. I'm going out tonight to test it all out. Hopefully it will go better than the session the other night.

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  1. I particularly like the light, shadow, and composition of the first one. Ah the quest for light and life. Cheers


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