Thursday, November 16, 2017

Night gritty

Last night I published some of the moody shots from a night shoot over the weekend. These ones are taken along the way, just a little (a lot) more industrial. Still, I suppose they evoke a mood as well, but I didn't want to bore my readers putting them all in one blog.

I think this machine shreds metal; it would be fun to see it in operation.

Some of the shimmer of plastic and rock shows up, but not like I saw it. The plastic looked almost like a layer of water on the rocks. The orange facing on the trailer was glowing.

This was a tough one to get framed. There is a building right behind it, and I didn't want any of it in the frame. It looks like a panorama, but no, I just chopped the top third of the image off. I can't help but think it's going to be a while before someone rents this office, but I wouldn't be surprised if it had nice wood flooring and spacious offices. The brick facing is handsome, and with a nice awning put up on that framework, it might even look pretty classy. In the meantime it just looks sad.

This is the source of the funny smell you sometimes get in that area.

A couple people inside gave me funny looks along the way. I suppose from their perspective, seeing a little car pull up, and a big guy in a big parka with reflective stripes on it get out, might make them a little nervous. Then I zoom off, and they probably wonder what the story is.

Places like this I don't mind going alone because I'm on public streets in well lighted areas. I was thinking about going down to the river to get some reflection shots, then thought about it again, knowing that the homeless like to set up camps to avoid going to the shelters. They might get unhappy were I to disturb them.

Of course, there's always the risks of stumbling around on rocks, at night, when it's below freezing, near a river, when a simple slip and fall could turn out very serious. If I'm going to do night river stuff, I'm going to look for company. Maybe I'll call you. Or you could call me and set up a date.

Next up will be some from a photo ramble in an unexpected location. Unless something else comes along and I change my mind.

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