Monday, November 6, 2017

Macro Monday 11, metal

A contest! These two things are not the same. Neither are as clean as perhaps they should be, but it's not terribly important. The first is pretty obvious, so no prize there.

The second though, in photos 3 and 4, is a bit more obscure. If anyone can specifically guess what it is, they can choose any image of mine they like for a prize, (there are about 35,000) and they'll get a file suitable for printing. I would suggest at Resolve, but some of you live elsewhere. Or if you would prefer a medium quality shot for a good desktop image, I can do that too. If you have a nice frame you want to fill, I can usually tweak the image to fit it. The framing is the expensive part.

I know people sometimes read my blog in batches, so the contest will stay open till Monday November 13 at midnight, then I'll draw between the correct answers. You can enter by commenting below on the blog, by commenting on the Facebook post, by private messaging me on Facebook, or sending an email to keith at nucleus dot com. If you know my cell number you can text if you want to do that. I'm not going to notice anything via Twitter. The winner will hear from me, and then once that's all sorted I'll announce the results. No comment till then. Bonus points if you mention which image you would like.

All of these were shot at 5x (except #3) all with extension tubes, which messes up the magnification numbers a bit. I'm not sure how much, but at 5x without the tubes, the camera sees about 4.5 mm wide, and with all the tubes it's about 3 mm.



3. About 3x mag with tubes.

4. Remember, you are seeing about 3 mm worth of this object. The white substance would wash off.

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  1. No wonder no one's entered the contest! Personally, I've no idea what it is. Something metal is about as close as I can get!


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