Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Throwback

Along path of contemplation I've been on lately, I started wondering about some of my earliest images. I picked out the ones I thought were best at the time, using whatever criteria I was using then.

But I got to wondering, how many had I passed by because they had flaws I couldn't fix at the time, and I could fix now. Or realizing they aren't flaws at all. Merely features. (Maybe only my developer buddies will get this one. You do know what the definition of a feature is, don't you? A bug with seniority.)

Or, I wondered, were any of them better now than I thought they were at the time for whatever reason? I determined to go back to the beginning (2016-06-11) to look through old files in date order and find out how long it would take to find an image worthy of the blog, that is not a bad image with an explanation.

And here we are, a lost star from 2016-06-22. I can't imagine why I didn't do anything with this. In the meantime enjoy this reminder of summer.

I'm going to continue on in my spare time, such as it is, filled with retirement activities, and see what I find.

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