Monday, October 23, 2017

Macro Monday 9, every day

Every morning I get up and use this thing. It's important. The process starts even before feeding the cats, and those of you with cats know how difficult that is.

I'm getting better at setting up the shots. The bike stand is really versatile, and it's easier to move the arms around to get the subject into the right place for the camera, then use the macro rails to fine tune.

Other times I've tried to get dialled into max magnification, but today I was more looking for interesting images. Most of these are between 3 and 4.5x. Some of you might remember the game farm shots while I was in Yukon. Most of those were shot through a fence. Some of the triathlon shots are through a fence as well. If you do it right, the fence disappears. Well, I can tell you that doesn't work on this. There were a few times on preview I could see through the mesh to what I wanted to shoot, but the actual photo was just blurry mesh.

Yes, I cleaned the subject afterward, really well, though I console myself with the thought there can't be anything actually growing on it. The subject gets immersed in freshly boiled water.

Are you still wondering?

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