Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Fall, Winter, or Curtis?

Sunday I was out for a photo ramble in the Foothills south and west of Calgary. It's spectacular when you catch the light on the foliage and rolling hills. There were some clouds rolling in leading to mixed light. Sometimes the thing to do is find a good vantage point and hang out waiting for the light.  Sometimes the thing is to drive from place to place. I chose the latter, and while I got some nice photos, there were a few times I was actually in the place I should have been taking photos of. Such is life.

Behind the blog scenes, actually, Saturday was the busy day. I worked on Image of the Month, and the Macro Monday, each to be posted on the appropriate day. Today I'm wondering what photos to put on the blog. Shall I go in chronological order and post the fall landscapes? Or the topical order, with snowy garden photos? Or, Curtis? Decisions decisions.

The light was kind of splotchy throughout, lighting up some trees and not others, which makes things look flat and uneven.

And Curtis giving me the eye. He was all curled up and snoozing so cute! But the click of the camera disturbed him, and one eye slowly opened.

There's no shortage of other topics to comment on, but not today.

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