Thursday, July 13, 2017

You get a hike, and flowers, and Linda!

The hike was lovely. We got a start nice and early to avoid the heat of the day, and more importantly, get a spot in the parking lot at the trail head. When we came down several hours later the lot was full, the back up lot was full, and cars were parked a kilometre down the road.

 No kidding this is a popular hike! We saw more people before we got to the lower falls, than Sean and I had seen the whole time during the same hike in January.

During the nice weather we want to get out for some more hikes. With photos of course. Any recommendations? No scrambles! Linda isn't happy about those at all.

Some photos from the day for you.

Most of my panorama shots are short and wide, but here's the opposite. It would easily print out about 1.5 x 3 feet in high detail. There was a faint hint of a rainbow shimmering in and out, but I'm not convinced it showed up in the photo. Getting this was an exercise in trading elbows with people that hadn't shown up for kindergarten when they discussed taking turns. Most people are really good about waiting for people to get their shot, and the photographers are mostly really good about getting their shot and moving along.

There was a tree stump throne, and I couldn't resist having Linda pose.

I was enjoying looking out at the mist and cloud shrouded mountains. There's been shots where the air is so clear you could almost calibrate the sharpness of your lens, but not this day. It was fun trying replicate in camera the misty effect my eyes could see.

No, I don't know what these are.

Or these. But you've got to admire anything that can grow in a field of wet gravel.

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  1. Love the waterfall, Keith. And wonderful to see Linda looking so happy and relaxed.


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