Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The July IOTM will be tough

Today was a day for taking stock, making lists, kicking Mr Slackerpants to the curb, and getting started.

I'm still chewing through the images taken before the Heritage park trip. When the first pass looking at 3 dozen photos of a rose with two bees cavorting gives you about 2 dozen look in focus at first glance, you know you've got some careful comparisons to do. I ended up developing 2 of them, but my goodness!

While I was catching up on some other photo stuff I started making a list for the July Image of the Month. Just scrolling through the month's edited photos (128 so far and not caught up yet) I saw 21 that would go into the selection hopper. It's been a good month.

After feeling like no sleep and cranky muscles crap for about a week, I finally felt the run love today. 4.25K 30 minutes, feeling pretty good.

Here's a few catch up photos for you. A peony, two roses, and a begonia. I think that last one is a begonia. What's funny about it is that the plant has not a hint of green in the centre whatever they're called, but the camera sees a bit of green. That was a new one for me to figure out how to make it yellow again.

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