Sunday, July 23, 2017

Smoking hot spectathaleting

Today was my day to Sherpa Michelle on her way to finishing her first half iron race! She did awesome in the heat and the sun, but it's her story to tell. My tiny little role in all this was to help her get to the event and carry stuff, and take a photo or two. Or nearly 400.

Here she is at bike check in, wondering if this is her rack.

As it was, she was the very first person to check in. Such a keener.

Lest you think I only had photo eyes for Michelle, here is:

Amy and Steve, race announcers extraordinaire

Our friend Antje, fellow specathaleter

My buddy Kelly from my very first triathlon. She almost always spots me first at events, and today was no exception.

One of my first ever triathlon buddies Julie. She's a tough, but rewarding photo subject, being so speedy and on the move, but with a huge smile.

And lastly, Michelle again, in one of the many finisher photos she has to choose from.

Should Michelle choose to blog race day from her perspective, you may see a few more of my shots, and I'll certainly link to it.

And yes, I'm still behind on flower shots. Good thing I don't have a day job anymore. Soon.

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