Sunday, July 9, 2017

Programming disrupted by colour

Full moon was yesterday evening (Saturday) at 10:07pm.  I'd scoped out a couple places to (try to) get a shot of the moon emerging from the murk. There's a nice spot in Fish Creek where I think moonrise would have been near the new hospital. Or I could head to the close in NW, and try for the moon rising over downtown. By the end of the day in this heat was not feeling the love for driving anywhere even in a car with air conditioning.

I'd done a little stroll in the green space and got a look at the sky. Wow! There's some smoke in the air from the fires in BC. I started taking photos of it, and mostly gave up on the moon. The action was in the west. I mean, look. There were a few shots from the green space that were ok.

I was really liking the shadow lines in the sky. Then I zipped up to the pedestrian bridge and took a big drink of the colour and forgot about the moon for a while.

A little later.

The hard part about sunrise and sunset is knowing when the show is over. One can wait, of course, but often there are competing urges. Some that are difficult to deal with on a pedestrian bridge above a busy road, with homes only a few yards away. I was really eager to see the photos on the computer screen.

This is from the middle of the road in front of our place.

I didn't totally forget about the moon. From the night before, and last night.

Some days I shake my head at myself. This is a lovely photo, and I didn't have the wit to take the garden hose out of the water and give it a minute to settle down again. Live and learn.

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  1. I like the reflection and I agree with your comment about the hose. On the other hand the first photo captures one of the great things about skies. They have multiple layers with endlessly fascinating interplay.
    Cheers, Sean


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