Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Curtis and the armoured questing head

So far Curtis is not impressed with my retirement to date. I'm working on photos, rather than paying attention to him. When it isn't photos, it's been the laptop chugging away on my books.

And this was in the middle of yet another explanation of just how good he has it here. The fact that it's just after a vet visit (routine, all is well) has nothing whatever to do with it. The vet called him "dashingly handsome!"

It was a good day for flower photos today, but the winner is the hens and chicks. Linda says this is how it blossoms, but this has exploded out almost overnight. I can't help but think this it's almost like a scaled stalk, looking out for something to eat. You might not want to embiggen the second one, it could give you nightmares, if you're susceptible to that sort of thing. There's two of them actually, but the bigger one is almost hidden under some other flowers in the shade, so it's a harder photo. I'll try for some others. Maybe I'll put the extension tubes on and really move in.

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  1. These are lovely too! Love to see your garden in full bloom!


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