Wednesday, April 19, 2017


The world is going to hell. You hear that a lot lately. Often in regard to the American government, such as it is, but about other drivers, youth (anyone under about 50 the way I look at things), and the state of the world in general. But if you do your research, they've been saying this since writing was invented.

Drivers. It's been a very zoomy couple of days on the road. People are dodging and weaving, desperate to get ahead. How futile! Calgary traffic is slightly better than it used to be, what with the economy sucking. But Calgary is a big city and there's lots of traffic everywhere, all the time. Plus the economy is picking up.

Plus, construction season has started, and our end of the world is in for it. The SW ring road is finally being built. At least some of the people that started negotiations are dead now, of natural causes. This has been discussed for the better part of a human lifetime. Anderson road is being widened; a bunch of trees got cut down on the road allowance beside the golf course.

It's spring here, and that means weird weather. It was warm enough and just barely sunny enough to go for a run after work in shorts and a tech shirt. Snow is forecast for early next week. Wait and see. I once took a practical fire safety course where they lit actual fires and we had to put them out. My team's day for that was a whiteout snowstorm. That was in May. None of us wanted to put the fires out. We wanted to huddle up. The driving course that day was fun.

Plus the clouds do weird things. I just love this pattern. Sort of an Esher flavour.

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