Saturday, November 12, 2016

Run. Beach. Shorts. November

This run map makes total sense, right?

When I was shooting some sunrise photos I found this bit of trail right down by the water. No idea how far it went, but my run buddy (best ever!) was keen to explore. We got down the only way I knew to find it, ran past the canoe club and turned around at a little inlet I hadn't known was there. We ran back along the shore, past the picnic area, and almost into Weasel Head. Scrambled up a slope, then back and forth a bit, and around a wetland I hadn't known was there.

I wished I had the good camera.

As always, we had a good time chatting, marveling at the warm weather. I wore shorts, she wore capri's. We found lots of new stuff we'd never known was there in North Glenmore park. The trail was a mix of stuff, lots of packed gravel, some clay, a bit of almost bog, all very nice to run on.

We went 10 K, 1:22, but we didn't care about the time. It was so nice to run along the water and enjoy the changing views, and just be outside when it's so nice out.

Linda is putting the final touches on putting the garden to bed. Believe it or not, there is still some bloom!

Here's part of the garden a little more affected by the cold weather.

Finally over 5K words! At this point I doubt much of will make it into the final edit, but what the heck. I think this is one of the places I need to blither a whole bunch of words to find out what is going on and how they get there. Then I can figure out the best way to tell that bit. It won't be the first time I've written myself three sides around the square, then later figure out how to do it better.

Here's a little snippet, just because I'm so good to you guys.

The room was larger than he remembered, and he didn’t see any of his own people, not that he would have sat with them. He picked out a tall chair at a long counter where he could watch most of the room. He enjoyed every sip of coffee. It just wasn’t this good at home.

“Been a long time. Join you?”

Regan was a little startled. How does he do that? He hadn’t noticed Davenport approaching and gestured to the next chair.

Davenport settled himself and took a sip of coffee. “I love how they do it here. Always just right.” He smiled the affable smile that he knew irritated Regan.

“Yes.” Bastard. He’s doing it again.

“Now you’re wondering if this is a chance meeting. Perhaps it is. The other possibilities you’ve probably already considered is that I knew you were coming and have been waiting, or that someone was watching for you and told me.”

Calm. Calm. “It matters little. As you say, it’s been a while. I thought it would be nice to escape my office and visit old friends.”

Davenports eyebrows went up a fraction. “Your influence must be growing if you can persuade your Chairman to counter sign your travel authorization, just to visit old friends.”

“Perhaps it is. You’ve probably already considered that I knew you would hear of my coming here, and that I was sent in expectation of that.”

“Your people are big on sending, I have to admit that.” Davenport waved his hand in a dismissive gesture. “We both know we can both dance around the small talk all day, and we’re both busy people. Shall you get to the point, or shall I finish my coffee and be about my business?”

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