Monday, July 25, 2016

more storms

It was a perfect weekend for the race. Even this morning was nice, though I was still too tired to really appreciate it. The clouds rolled in late this afternoon. By the time I was home and selecting run gear, the rumbles of thunder started. Then the lightning, off in the distance and getting closer quickly. The sound track could have been used to build tension in a suspense movie.

I had time for a bison burger and tweaking a couple of the race photos for a fan that wanted them. (Thank you!) There were tiny drops coming as I scampered out to shoot some Dahlias and other lilies that are blooming. Back in just as the rain really started.

The same sound track could be used for the US presidential election. Polls now are meaningless, but it makes me just a little uncomfortable that Trump is going up in the polls, and might even win if the election were today. I can't think off-hand of anything more catastrophic to happen to the North American economy, or anything more detrimental to continental safety and security. Trump is practically a billboard of hatred and intolerance, and a walking recruitment poster for Islamic terrorist groups.

Although my calm demeanor hid the excitement, I was pretty charged up watching the swim part of the race yesterday. Here's some of the relay wave starting their 1.75 K swim; I'm not sure if Michelle is in the picture or not.

As triathlon swim packs go, that's pretty spread out,and not very big. What's important is that someone who couldn't swim 2 years ago is in that group, swimming confidently. That is such a huge step for anyone to take, and I'm so happy for her!

Their swim went really well, but I was channeling the gong show from last year.  Now that they've got the bugs out of the route, I'm tempted to try it again. Not just the swim. The whole thing. Not just to finish, (been there, done that) but aim for at least mid-pack. This year mid-pack in my age group means 6 hours. The winner was well under 5 hours. That means I need to start bike training again. That will help the marathon training too.

Gives me a goal. Will you follow along? Want to join me on race day?


  1. I loved my picture from the race-me in all of my awkward glory! I would definitely follow along as you train and will be there cheering you on for the entire race day :) Good luck!!

  2. This is exciting Keith!! Good luck!!

  3. Awesome goal! I will follow along, train with you and join you on race day! Let's do it!!! I'm in.

  4. I would follow you, long distance if necessary. That would be so exciting to see you in a triathlon!

  5. Oh you should totally do it!! One day I'd like to. Not next year. Maybe I'll volunteer instead.

  6. Absolutely, I'll follow along! Go for it, Keith. You know you wanna! And your running's going great these days. Good on you covering 15k in 1:40 last weekend. That's a terrific long run pace.


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