Thursday, June 9, 2016

A bright idea

It’s still hot and humid by Calgary standards.

Maximo is still being a long string of swear words with weird error messages.

I had a great idea to cope with the hot weather. I brought my floor fan upstairs. Normally its used to keep me cool during bike spin sessions. With a bit of playing I got it set to blow air out the kitchen window. Then I closed the back door window, opened the bedroom window and door, and voila! Cool air coming into the bedroom. I slept like a baby. Tonight I went to bed early, and slept like a rock till about midnight, then couldn’t sleep any more. Sigh. Which is why I’m writing this really early morning. Other stuff too.

The weekend weather looks like crap, and I’d been musing about a run home from work. It’s a little warmer than I would like, but my running is feeling good, so today was the day.

I’d forgotten the mount part of Mount Royal. It’s hillier than I remembered. I hadn’t known they were doing work on the Glenmore dam, meaning the bike path is closed there. That was an extra 1.5 K or so I hadn’t counted on.

Neither had I considered running after a tough day at work. My last 15K run on the weekend was mid morning and mostly flat. Today my hams were feeling a bit cranky and stiff.

It was nice to run home with Michelle, chatchatchat. I felt like I was struggling a bit, and she chugged on, cool as a cucumber. I think without her I might have called it at Heritage Park. Though I was thinking of the last time I called Linda for a pickup there, involving those photos of teeth. She’d probably flash on that in an instant, wondering what I’d done to myself this time, and I wouldn’t want to inflict that on her. Some of my newer readers might not know that I’m talking about, and can check it out here and here. WARNING, GRAPHIC IMAGES in that second link that gave me a respectable finish in the gnarly injury contest run by Steve in a speedo.

The weekend 15 K was 1:48 with no breaks. Today was 1:52 with some short walk breaks and waiting for traffic lights. Total time was 1:54 plus about a 1 K walk to where the run started, and maybe about the same as a cool down. It seemed harder than the weekend, though that run was hotter and faster.

Overall the run went really well, though I think I was right on the edge of my limits in several ways. I was getting really hungry and thirsty at the end, and beginning to feel the heat. My back was sore, which was a bit unusual. I’m thinking that my legs and butt were tired and recruited muscles in my low back to help.

I’ve decided not to do the Chaparral Oly, in the interests of staying focussed on the run. I’m still musing about the Millarville run. I know I can run it, but the trick is I don’t need to enter a race to know I can do it. Nor do I want to do it and be knackered after. There’s a mid-July MEC race that offers a half, so that’s looking more likely.

So far the promised showers haven't arrived. We are out every morning giving the hanging baskets a drink. The peonies are teasing us, almost ready to open.


  1. I was NOT cool as a cucumber. I was grateful for every walk break. I wasn't as chatty as usual b/c I was working hard but you must not have noticed. I felt bad for not keeping up my end of the convo.

  2. Sounds like a great run, all in all. I know a bit about running through Mount Royal. It's not flat. No wonder you felt tired at the end. Good on ya for getting it done! Glad you figured out how to get some cool air into your bedroom. It's tough to sleep in the heat. In Ottawa, we sometimes closed everything up and blew air out one window to draw cooler air out of the basement, which worked pretty well too. Peonies are coming along nicely. Don't forget to post pics when they bust open. Mine seem to be happier in their new location but I'm not expecting flowers this year. Hopefully next. Have a great weekend!


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