Thursday, May 5, 2016

The catch went clunk, not swish

Amazing how fast you lose water feel! I missed a week while we were on vacation. There was a pool nearby, I knew where it was, I brought swim gear, but in the end I chose to stay snuggled into bed. I think if it had been a routine I would have made it. I can drive to Talisman in my sleep, deal with getting in via the app, I know where the good lockers are, where the pool toys are, everything you need to know to sleep walk from bed to getting wet. But going to a new place wasn't something I wanted to do tired.

I'm feeling it now. Two swims this week, Tuesday and Thursday. Both very slow and clunky. The water felt sticky for most of the first swim. It felt like I was thrashing in the water. I did about 1 K. Intervals were slow.

Then today, my body thought the pool was holy water, and converted to Pastafarianism in about 100 m. The first 100 m was 1:50 which is ok for long course. Then I slowed down. Most of the rest were right about 2 minutes, working hard. Bleah. Overall 19:40. More bleah. I spent lots of time thinking about form and wondering about my kick, but I think the real issue was being weak and feeble.

What seemed to be happening is there was no glide. As soon as the stroke stopped, so did I. My catch wasn't catching, the roll was not coordinated with the pull, and the timing was subtly wrong on everything. It will come back. Maybe I'm just tired.

There was a mostly nice run on Wednesday, 5K, 35 minutes in fairly warm weather. The heat didn't bother me, and I was on top of my breathing the whole way, but my legs were not with the program at all. It was a slog beginning to end.

I'm wondering if part of the reason is a slow recovery from volume buildup. My long runs were around the 10 to 11 K mark for a number of weeks, then two weekends in a row I went way past that, and I'm pretty sure that was overdoing it. I know better.

I was feeling kind of anxious and overwhelmed today, without being completely sure why. I think it's just that I'm thinking about lots of stuff just now. And of course, thinking about thinking about lots of stuff starts a recursive loop that just gets worse. My solution was to write out a list of things to do. it's very long, though one thing has been crossed off already. Lots more to go.

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