Thursday, March 3, 2016

The running is good, but

Tuesday was an indoor run at Talisman. I started creaky and stiff and it felt slow. Heavy feet and legs.   My thought was that if I lasted 30 minutes I'd be happy. It never got easy and it never felt good. I chugged along. The sound was down on my phone so I had no idea how far I'd gone. I was astonished that it said 4.75 K in 30 minutes. Walked and stretched, enjoying the glow.

These sorts of runs are why you stick with it, and why you time almost everything. The clock will never lie. Later on I even played with the math, and it added up to 21 laps of the outside lane.

Wed in the pool for an ok swim, though I was fading fast at the end. At least there was no chest or shoulder pain. Hot tub!

Thursday ran in the almost warm and sunny evening after work. 5 K, 33 minutes. It started really easy and felt good for almost all of it, though I was beginning to struggle a bit the last K or so. Shorts! Tech shirt! Gotta love that this time of year.

What there hasn't been is any bike. Sigh. I've got a race coming up in a couple weeks, just a shorty, but none the less I'd like to have a good day. It's looking like the bike will be the hardest part of the whole thing.

I've just started Quantum Night by Robert J Sawyer, and it's excellent so far. I'm likely to finish it this weekend, and I'll post a review of it.

The next essay is burbling in my head, on a fresh and contentious topic. Keep an eye out, I will actually have to do a bit of research for it. Did you miss either of my two most recent essays, NIMBYism, and the followup, NIMBYism revisited, both very popular, both sandwiching one of my least read posts, Inchoate. Disjointed. Which had a couple of nice photos of Celina. She was very hurt by the lack of readership.

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