Thursday, March 17, 2016

Forerunner 25 first spin

It turns out that my first workout with the Garmin Forerunner 25 that I won the other day is an easy spin session. Basically just long enough to wake up my legs, and then do some stretching and a bit of core after.

I am impressed so far. Other than needing to be outside to get the GPS to set the time (it was snowing), it's all been good. One of my tests for devices is to see if I can get going on it without needing the manual. Garmin passed that one with flying colours!

It took a few minutes of fiddling to get it set up as I started easy. I just wanted to get the heart rate monitor going, and that happened pretty quick. I turned on the auto pause, and the zone monitor. Next time I'll turn them off. I had it fastened to the handlebars so I could see it all the time, and it spent much too long telling me it was paused, or resuming. Since I wasn't trying to stay in any particular zone, I got a bit annoyed at it beeping at me telling me something I already knew.

What I really liked was the decimal zone readout. Zones themselves are pretty coarse, but with the decimal you know exactly where you are. I can see where this is going to be useful.

The numbers are big and easy to read. The buttons are responsive, and not too hard to press. I wasn't on the bike long enough to really dial into an effort level, but I think I've been slacking off. Next is a run, probably Saturday. It's going to be interesting to compare the Garmin to the iphone.

For this workout I didn't have Garmin Connect on my phone, but I got that going after. That wasn't quite so painless, but then, I had a cat "helping" me. It took 3 tries to pair the phone and Garmin, but that was just me being slow. And the cat. There's a zillion options there that I don't have time to explore tonight. There's a sleep thing, so I'll try wearing it to bed tonight and see what happens. I figure the worst that will happen is that I don't have it set up right and I'll run the battery down a bit.

More news as it happens.

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