Tuesday, March 22, 2016

All right already, enough Garmin stuff!

So not so much interest in the Garmin stuff. That's ok. I know there are a few readers who absorbed every word, and probably came back again and again to read it over and over. Well, maybe not so much.

Today's run, 6K 39 minutes. For all that I was feeling kind of tired before, I settled into the groove quickly, and had a really good run. More new pathway covered. That project is going along well.

I got asked about the 30 day cookie challenge. There was a photo of me in the race a couple weekends ago, shot from low down on the track just as Terry was passing me. She's not a big girl, and you can barely see any of me, except for this ginormous gut leading the way. Ouch.

So I decided, with a bit of encouragement, to cut back a bit. Here's the rulz. Only one 5 oz glass of wine per day, no carry over if I miss a day. (No wine today, btw.) No cookies, treat bars, or cake. Cliffs bars while on the trainer were the subject of some discussion, with the idea presented that i could make my own snack and save the bars for later. As it turned out I didn't need them. I'm not really changing any of my other eating habits. As they say, one case of giving a try to see what happens is better than a million cases of imagining the outcome. Here's part of one recent meal.

The writing word count has gone negative in the last little while. This is not a surprise to writers. I've been tightening up some flabby prose, and removing some notes to self that were buried in the text. I've also come up with some names. If I can't think of a name right off, I'll just use letters. So I had (title) Xxx, and (title) Yyy. That makes it easy to replace when I come up with the names. There was also several ministers that attend a meeting, and they are A, B, C, D, and E. I've been thinking about tweaking that scene, and I don't even know if they need to be introduced.

My writing progress seems to be inversely proportional to the amount of time I spend a work. There is a 4 day weekend coming up for me. Just saying.

Lots of people comment about what a cutie Curtis is. Celina too, of course. But not all the photos are winners.

I've thinking about doing an Ask Me Anything. Any takers? You know where the comments are.


  1. Hey, a 6k run at 6.5 min/km is great! Good on ya! Good for you giving up cookies, treats and (gulp) wine too. I need to do something along those lines too. My weight's continuing to creep up despite running more, which will be a problem come May 29th if there's more fat than muscle in the mix. :-( However, we're planning to do a lot of eating this weekend (to celebrate our birthdays) so I'll have to get serious about the effort starting next week.

    Like you, planning to do some writing this weekend. Janet gave me some great notes on a story ages ago. Time to get back to it and see what I can do to incorporate her suggestions.

    Look forward to meeting Curtis and Celina in a matter of weeks. What cuties they are!

    Enjoy your long weekend!!


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