Friday, March 11, 2016

A random, but misleading title

One of my buddies mentioned to me that they like reading my blog because they never quite know what they're going to get, even after reading the title. Sometimes especially after reading the title. I've  been trying to work in one about cat eye boogers, but it hasn't happened yet.

The fitness stuff is still happening, even it doesn't get mentioned in the essays. Those are more one topic affairs, rather than the grab bag that this one will be.

The big news is that my first triathlon in almost 4 years is happening Sunday morning at Talisman. I'm in wave 2, starting about 9am. Daylight savings time stupidity! Super short, 500 m swim, 12.5 K on the bike, 3 k run. I'm hoping to be under an hour, but we shall see.

The last regular swim felt slow and clunky, but I was in the water Wednesday for a short one, and that felt much more normal. I'm quite excited by this, and it should be lots of fun.

The last few runs have felt really good. I've started marking up an old bike path map with all my runs. I want to see how much of the network I can travel this year. Let's test and see how well the highlighting shows up in a photo. Eventually I'll get an up to date one, and transfer the markup. Maybe I'll use green instead.

There are 800 Km of bike path at least, so I'm not going to cover them all, but I'd like to get along all the rivers as a start. This year or next, there is a pathway 138 K long that completely encircles the city. That might be a fun ride one day. When they say a few sections are not done right now, I'm not sure what that means in terms of connectivity.

We went to the car show today. Our current car is still doing well, but the years and kilometers are adding up. It's a good idea to start looking around and see what our choices were. Going in we were thinking either another Accord, or look at crossovers, or SUV's, or whatever the CRV and it's ilk are. The Accord was as expected, though the trunk looks a little smaller. The CRV was a bit of a surprise. Lots of room in it, though I wish you could get vehicles without sunroofs. I hate them! They take an inch or two of headroom out, and I need every bit of it to feel comfortable.

The big surprise was the Honda Fit. For such a little car it has an amazing amount of space in it. It looks like it would be a good choice for tossing a couple of bikes in the back, or lots of gardening supplies. The way the back seat folds is clever, and is the only vehicle that lets you put a tall potted plant inside sitting upright. The leg room in the front is a bit on the tight side for me.

I'll need to drive both. The last CRV I drove was a couple model years ago, and it seemed perfectly fine. I haven't driven a Fit.

There's some pretty splashy cars on the market. We did not spend any time looking at these at all. Just took the photo for a buddy who gets all weak in the knees about them. I can't think of a less practical car for Canada.

There were even a few purple cars!


  1. You can cars without sunroofs- we bought a Ford Fusion in the fall and specifically got one without a sun roof for your reasonings. My husband is tall and needs the headroom

  2. Yay!! Good luck tomorrow! I'll look forward to hearing how it goes. Love the map!

    I think the Fits are awesome. The first time I did the Cabot Trail Relay, I traveled in a Fit with four other runners. Even with all our gear, food, etc. it was amazingly comfy and I loved driving it. I'll be seriously considering one when our little Ford wagon gives up the ghost.


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