Sunday, February 28, 2016

Inchoate. Disjointed.

This has been an odd weekend. Lately I've had some really good writing happen on the weekends, but not this time.

I sort of wrote myself into a corner, then backed up and I've got a bunch of places it can go. The problem is that none of them are congealing in my head. I'll start thinking about it, then my thoughts go to other scenes and depart from there, taking the story somewhere else. My characters are enjoying themselves, leading their lives, but it's awfully confusing for me. Sometimes I can't tell what's foreshadowing for something important, and what's random chat.

Often it's Curtis that "helps" with the writing but today it was Celina.

Here's a better shot of her entire face. She's such a pretty cat.

Worse has been trying to write a followup to NIMBYism, from the middle of last week. I'm feeling a lot of things about the whole situation, but coherent isn't one of them. Some of my long time readers might remember my theory about television, that aliens have been playing with tv programming so as to turn human brains into tapioca pudding. It seems to be working, especially on politicians and their prey. If their intent is to come harvest the crop, they'd better come soon. It's well on the way to spoiling if politics in the States is any indication. I mean, Donald Trump. For President. Seriously??

This is one reason fiction writers have it hard. We labour under the demands of plausibility. No publisher would buy a book with Trump making what is so far a successful run for the Presidency, in spite of (or I really fear is because of) the amazingly stupid things he's said so far. If the writer self-published, nobody but the author's family would buy it. And yet here we all are. There's so much stupidity it's going to slop over into Canada.

The Friday run was good, till I crashed. Polysporin is great stuff and I'm pretty well all healed up from that. I was down and out for most of yesterday. Today was 5K 35 minutes and all was good till I whacked my right wrist against the post office box. I'd been chatting with a neighbour after the run and was walking back to the house when I took a bit of a ride. Whap! I don't think I broke anything. There's no swelling, only mild pain and stiffness. Holding the shift key down with my right little finger is the most painful thing I've done today. I am hopeful about a swim tomorrow, but lets see.

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